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Congratulations to Susie who has received a Graduate Women’s NZ fellowship. The GWNZ Fellowship was awarded to provide recognition and financial assistance to women undertaking doctoral study.

May be an image of 1 person and outdoors

Congratulations to Rebecca  – PhD submitted during lock-down in August!

hitting the university bell
hitting the university bell

Congratulations to Jeremy who has completed his PhD

Photo of researchers hitting the university bell
hitting the university bell

Lab renovations completed in February 

Photo of newly renovated research laboratory
Photo of newly renovated research laboratory

Been too busy to update for a while!


Below are some highlights from the year.

Women’s Wellbeing Symposium 2018 – Susie and Stephanie presented their PhD work at the first Women’s Wellbeing Symposium, held at the Dunedin Art Gallery in November.

Presentation by postgraduate student regarding Mammalian development
postgraduate student presentation on Mammalian development
Stephanie Workman giving a presentation
Stephanie Workman

 Combio2018 in Sydney


Delighted to announce we have been awarded a 3 year Marsden Fund grant to investigate the cellular and molecular basis of whole body regeneration by Botryllodies leachii.

Marsden Fund Highlights 2017



2017 has been so busy we haven’t updated the page in awhile.  Below are some highlights from the year.

Yisheng made a quick return to Dunedin for his PhD viva in October, followed by lab lunch to celebrate his PhD completion.

Labratory staff at a staff Lunch

Rebecca, Susie, Kathy and Steph attended the Genetics end of year shout as Ghosts of post-grad present

Photo of postgrad girls from the labratory with ghost makeup.

Rebecca and Steph presented exciting results from their Hons work as part of the Hons day presentations for the Genetics and BBioMedSci degree programmes.


Megan traveled to New York in July to present our work on whole body regeneration and sequencing of the Botrylloides leachii genome at the International Tunicate meeting.

Megan Wilson giving a presentation. Introducing where we are in the world.


December 2016

Big December graduation for the lab – Lisa graduated with her PhD (Genetics), Susie with BBioMedSci(Hons), Jeremy with BSc(Hons) and Jamie with a MSc (Anatomy).